La Gran Il·lusió, relat intermitent del cinema català



Documentary Serie

1st Season – 7 Chapters


Directed by: Àlex Gorina & Esteve Riambau

Stage Director: Mai Balaguer

Produced by: Costa Est Audiovisuals, CCMA, ICEC-Filmoteca de Catalunya, with colaboration of EGEDA

Script by: Núria Bonet, Àlex Gorina & Esteve Riambau

Executive Producers Montse Feliu, Montse Motis & Ramon Montesinos

Cinematography by: Anna Molins

Graphic Design: Mateu Marcet
Art Direction: Pablo Buñuel

Editor: Jordi Gallofré



“La Gran Il·lusió” is a series that tells, for the first time, the Big History and the little stories of cinema in Catalonia from its beginnings in 1896 to the 1950s. The intention is to create an attractive educational material for all audiences.

This series refers to an attitude, a way of being, where despite the obstacles, Catalan cinema has always moved forward thanks to the enthusiasm and the illusion of those who made it possible. Precisely this illusion and dreams have been part of this cinema and are transmitted to the viewers. Cinema has been a refuge and an escape in difficult times.


In these seven chapters, it discusses, among other topics, how the first film shoots were made, it tells the many adventures of the Baños brothers, it talks about amateur cinema, surrealism, and what cinema was like during times of war or the Franco regime. This series of episodes updates the known information, contextualizes the adventure of a surviving cinema, highlights the most decisive moments, and prioritizes human experiences over expert opinions.

In this series, the witnesses of each of the mentioned periods are the protagonists. People who have firsthand experience, either for personal or professional reasons, are interviewed on all the topics covered in each of the chapters.


Documentaries, Work carried out