Production Company: Hispanocine & Eddie Saeta

Written and Directed by: Abdelatif Hwidar (Custodio), Carla Subirana (Madalena) & Adán Aliaga (Joana)

Produced by: Lluís Miñarro, Sergio Castellote

Cinematography by: Pere Pueyo & Anna Molins

Sound: Dani Fontrodona & Amanda Villavieja

Edited by: Cristobal Fernández

Casting (Madalena):

Julia Gabriel Mamganhele (Julia)
Fátima Mucavel (Fátima)
Isabel Nhassengo (Isabel)
Mateo Iscar (Mateo)
Elvira Prado (voicer over)



This production by Sergio Castellote and Lluís Miñarro, respectively for Hispanocine and Eddie Saeta, started off as a collaboration with a non-governmental organisation working in Mozambique. The two segments directed by Aliaga and Hwidar are fiction, rooted in a mixture of genres. In her segment, Subirana opts for documentary in a sort of carnet de voyage about African women, who take on the form of Madalena, who she met during her first stay in the country. The three directors travelled twice to the country, first to conduct research and then to film.
The theme that links the three stories together is the search for everyday heroes in small, intimate stories, from Joana, the young deaf girl who takes a blind musician to the market every day, to the doctor of a rural clinic who has to patiently make up for its lack of means.
Kanimambo, which means “thank you” in Tsonga, the language spoken in the area of the capital Maputo, is full of good intentions and respect to its characters, and tries desperately to avoid being condescending. The three directors’ points of view, each very personal, do however clearly mark them as outsiders, which makes for a few slightly unnatural moments.



Special Mention of the Jury

Feature films, Work carried out