Fantasia by Escribà


FANTASIA by Escribà



Directed by: Xavier Atance

Produced by: Benecé Produccions, Artesans des de 1906

Executive Producers: Xavier Atance, Christian Escribà

Production Manager: Anna Boneta

Script: Ferran Padilla

Cinematographer: Anna Molins

Sound: Gerard Tàrrega

Editors: Olga Vilanova, Elisabeth Sort



Since 1906, the Escribà family has been dedicated to breaking conventions in the world of pastry. Christian Escribà, heir to this tradition, has always tried to pay tribute to his father Antoni in the way he would have liked most; with global and daring projects that go beyond the norm. This documentary explains the story of one of these emblematic projects, Fantasia by Escribà. A world of chocolate, sweets, and spectacle that will take Christian and his team to Singapore to experience an exciting and unique adventure. A creation never seen before in the world of pastry.



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