El Club





Directed by per: Rose Kowalski

Produced by: Madeleine Sheahan & Rose Kowalski

Executive Producer: Carles Brugueras

Cinematographer: Anna Molins

Sound: Amanda Villavieja, Elena Coderch, David Paco

Editor: Judith Miralles



A sensual portrait of a community exploring human desires, ambitions, and the fragility of individuals through a swimming club located at Barcelona’s beach. Tanned grandmothers, elite athletes, and beautiful people come together in their pursuit of happiness and well-being.


As the days and seasons pass, we follow the ups and downs of everyday life, the innocence of children, the challenges of adolescence, the love and ambition of youth, the crises of maturity, the loneliness, and the liberation of old age. We learn how an entity rooted in the ideals of the working class evolved over a century to become the diverse and tolerant community it is today, a home away from home for its members.


Documentaries, Work carried out